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How do I use my home fragrance oil?Updated a month ago

What is Home Fragrance oil? 

Home Fragrance oil is a 0.33 fl oz/ 10 ml bottle of concentrated synthetic fragrance oil to be used with a warmer or as refresher oil for potpourri.   

What fragrances is this available in? 

Currently, this item is available for purchase in all of our fragrances found in our Flameless bundles on our site. You can also purchase the Home Fragrance oil at your local retailer.

Not sure who your local retailer is? Check out our store locator!

How do you use it? 

Per the instructions on our packaging, we suggest using up to as many as 20 drops in your warming device before heating.  

Can I use this in a Misting Essential Oil Diffuser?  

It is not recommended to use in a water misting diffuser as the oil is not water-soluble and will clog your device.  

Can I use this topically on my body? 

No. This product is not meant to be used on your body.   

What products accompany Home Fragrance Oil?  

We recommend that you use an Electric Warmer with this product.  


  • Avoid contact with finished surfaces fragrance oils may damage surfaces. 
  • Irritant products, keep away from children and pets.
  • Do not get in eyes, on the skin, or on clothing. Wash hands after use. Do not ingest. Store bottle away from heat or open flame.

 What to do if there is a problem?

 If you should have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our Customer Service team regarding your Home Fragrance Oil.  You can reach us at 1-877-843-2743 or email us at [email protected] 

First Aid Treatment: 

Contains fragrance oil. If swallowed call a Poison Control Center or medical provider immediately. If in the eyes, rinse with water for at least 20 minutes. If on the skin, rinse with warm water. 

Should your medical provider require more information, please contact us to request a Safety Data Sheet for their office. We will need the name of your medical provider and an email or fax number for their office. 


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