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To get started using your Pura device, you will need a power outlet, a smartphone that will connect to your device via Bluetooth, and a high-speed home internet connection with a 2.4GHz WiFi network. Refer to your setup brochure included with your de

Sweet Grace Flower Diffuser

Make sure to sit the flower flat on top of the vase. The video shows it tilted, but as it absorbs oil, it will drip and cause damage to finished surfaces. If it sits flat it will not drip. - The Flowers are made of Sola Paper. They have capillaries (

Home Fragrance Oil

What is Home Fragrance oil?. Home Fragrance oil is a 0.33 fl oz/ 10 ml bottle of concentrated synthetic fragrance oil to be used with a burner or as refresher oil for potpourri. What fragrances is this available in?. Currently, this item is available