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How to Use Your Sweet Grace Flower Diffuser

Make sure to sit the flower flat on top of the vase. The video shows it tilted, but as it absorbs oil, it will drip and cause damage to finished surfaces. If it sits flat, it will not drip. How long does the Sweet Grace Flower Diffuser last?. Is the

How long does the Sweet Grace Flower Diffuser last?

The Sweet Grace Flower Diffuser typically lasts for about 2-3 months, depending on factors such as the room's temperature, humidity, and airflow. When all the oil has been diffused and the flower begins to lose its color, replace your Flower Diffuser

Is the Sweet Grace Flower Diffuser refillable?

Yes! You can refill your Sweet Grace Flower Diffuser one time after initial use.  We offer a refill oil specifically designed for the Flower Diffuser, allowing you to extend its life and enjoy the fragrance for an additional 60 days. Oil is not mean

Do you sell a replacement flower?

We currently don't offer replacement flowers for the Sweet Grace Flower Diffuser. However, you can expect the original flower to last for a minimum of 60 days of use. Afterward, with the addition of a Sweet Grace Flower Refill, it can last an additio

What are the flowers made of?

The Flowers are made of Sola Paper. They have capillaries (like little blood vessels) in them and are very delicate. Any damage to the flower may result in its inability to absorb the oil thoroughly throughout the flower.

Why did the fragrance oil drip from the flower petals of my Sweet Grace Flower diffuser?

To ensure a smooth experience with your Sweet Grace flower diffuser, here are some practical tips: Proper Flower Placement: It's essential to position the flower upright in the vase. Avoid any forward tilting to prevent any unexpected oil drips as oi

How strong is the scent throw of the Sweet Grace Flower diffuser?

The Sweet Grace flower diffuser is designed to provide a moderate and consistent scent throw. It offers a balanced fragrance that fills the room without overwhelming it, creating a pleasant and inviting atmosphere.