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Why did the fragrance oil drip from the flower petals of my Sweet Grace Flower diffuser?Updated a month ago

To ensure a smooth experience with your Sweet Grace flower diffuser, here are some practical tips: Proper Flower Placement: It's essential to position the flower upright in the vase. Avoid any forward tilting to prevent any unexpected oil drips as oil may cause damage to finished surfaces. 

  1. Oil Buildup Awareness: In case the flower isn't sitting right, there's a chance of oil accumulating on the petals, leading to dripping. This can potentially harm the surface underneath the diffuser.
  2. Uniform Oil Distribution: To maintain a clean setup, always make sure the flower stands upright. This ensures an even distribution of the fragrance oil, minimizing the risk of unintended drips.
  3. Refill Wisely: Your Sweet Grace diffuser is designed for a single refill after the initial use. Overloading it with more may cause the flower to break down and result in potential leaks.
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