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How to SachetUpdated 2 years ago

Sachets are so fun! (When you know how to use them.)


  • noun pronounced [sa-shey]
  • An envelope filled with fragranced vermiculite that diffuses through the paper.
  • A portable fragrance diffuser.
  • A potpourri bag used to fragrance linens, cars, pillows, and more.


Should I open my sachet?
NO! Leave the envelope sealed and fragrance will diffuse through the paper for up to 9 months.


How do I use a sachet?
We recommend placing them with linens, under the seat in your car, or in the lining of your trash can to keep things smelling fresh! Always heed the warning label before placing your sachets


When should I use a sachet?
Every day! Keep a sachet in your purse, in your bathroom, in the kitchen, in your gym bag, or in your closet to keep things smelling fresh.


What's the most important thing to know about sachets?

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