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How to Sachet

Sachet. Should I open my sachet?NO! Leave the envelope sealed and fragrance will diffuse through the paper for up to 9 months. How do I use a sachet?We recommend placing them with linens, under the seat in your car, or in the lining of your trash can

Sachet Safety

Our Sachets are safe to use in your home, car, and office as directed. Fragrance and essential oils, like any oil, can stain or discolor upholstery and porous surfaces like wood and natural stone. Additionally, fragrance and essential oils can intera

What is inside a Sachet?

Our scented sachets are made of a non-toxic blend of vermiculite and fragrance. Vermiculite is a naturally occurring mineral that is extracted from soil. We use it in our scented sachets because it is porous and absorbs our fragrance. Our fragrance f

My child/pet has ate a sachet.

Believe it or not, little ones, the two-legged kind, and the four-legged kind, sometimes manage to get into things they shouldn't. We have little ones too, we totally get it!  We understand that you may be worried, and we are here to help!. What is i