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Sachet SafetyUpdated 2 years ago

There is a warning on the back of the sachet “AVOID CONTACT OF PACKAGE WITH...” If the fragrance in a sachet can damage these surfaces, is it safe?


Our Sachets are safe to use in your home, car, and office as directed. Fragrance and essential oils, like any oil, can stain or discolor upholstery and porous surfaces like wood and natural stone.

Additionally, fragrance and essential oils can interact with the materials used in some plastics, paints, and other surface coatings. The damage that may result from placing a sachet directly on such surfaces is an incompatibility. It is not a defect or flaw of either material independently.

For example, the fragrance oil will not damage the biodegradable paper envelope it comes in. If the same envelope was filled with water, it would eventually be destroyed. That doesn’t make the water hazardous or the envelope weak, they are simply incompatible with one another other.

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